Sprint the erc20 token for gaming and online digital store

Token Name: SPRINT

The sprint was conceived as an utility token, and also to transform people ways of life as blockchain is transforming the web into chain transaction.
The token was created to be part of the new era evolving world. To be part of this change the SPRINT has been made to address some issues in the new dynamic web world.


An online digital platform where you can buy any form of digital products and also list your products, these ranges from ebooks, video course, and any form of digital products.
Also in plan to build an online physical market place where to buy and list your products for sell ,this where the sprint token will be used to carry out transaction as a methods of payment


The gaming platform industry is becoming gradually intigrated with blockchain and it serves a great benefit for the game lover and as an entertainment, we plan to build an online portal where individuals can login with their token and have fun either by betting or just for playing.
Sprint will be sold on exchanges, where it will be listed, for buying and selling with other crypto currency.