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BCT is a ERC223 token on the Ethereum Classic blockchain. Any ETC wallet can be used for storing BCT. We recommend to use the Saturn Wallet on desktop and Trust Wallet for Android and iOS.

How to get BCT

BCT strongly adheres to fair launch and fair distribution principles. It is a mineable token with no premine and no ICO. The only way to obtain BCT is to either buy BCT on the market or go through the process known as token mining.

Solo or Pool Mining?

Decide if you want to start with Solo or Pool Mining. On Solo Mining you try to find a blocksolution by your own, meaning you earn the full block reward (50 BCT at the moment of writing this guide). This is only recommended if you are running some powerful rigs. On Pool Mining you work together with some other miners to bundle your hashpower to easier find a block. When a block gets found by any poolminer miner, the block reward gets split among all active miners at this round, proportional to their provided hashpower.

Just like with Satoshi’s Bitcoin, every 4 years the block reward is reduced in half (powered by immutable smart contracts), while the mining difficulty (and thus fiat cost of producing a single BCT) still increases. To see the stats of the current epoch take a look at Saturn.TOOLS - BCT Stats

Solo Mining

For Solo Mining you need to setup your own Ethereum Classic Node (with geth or parity / Setup Parity Ethereum) or using a public node like Industrial-grade entreprise miners may set up their EtherCluster for additional resiliency.

BCT is based on Smart Contracts, which means you need to send an Ethereum Classic transaction to the Contract to submit a discovered block solution. Therefore you need to provide the private key of your wallet to the miner.

:warning: ATTENTION!
It is highly recommend to use a new wallet with about 0,3 ETC just for BCT mining.

Pool Mining

On Pool Mining it’s not needed to setup your own ETC node, and it’s also not needed to provide a private key to the miner. The mining pool runs its own node and acts as a proxy for the miners. The miners provides shares to the pool, and the pool relays them to the contract and takes care of proper earnings distribution.


Mining Software

SoliditySHA3Miner ([How To] SoliditySHA3Miner - Setup / Configuration [Win / Linux]) [recommended]
MVi-Tokenminer ( - )
COSMiC Miner v4 ( - )


Bitcoin Classic Token - first mineable ERC223 Token on ETC
Token Mining - Bitcoin Classic Token (Win/Linux)
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How to set it up SOLO on EthOS Mining software.

Edited Nov 13, 2018

Step 1:

Download Solidity SHA3Miner for linux

unzip and put in /home/ethos in a folder called SoliditySHA3Miner

Step 2:

Open a terminal in ethos and run the following commands…

  1. Ensure CUDA 9.2 (Nvidia driver 396) is installed

1a) Run the following commands (root/sudo required)

  • sudo install-nv-beta

1b) This process will take about 5-10 minutes before rebooting itself.

  1. **Go to the extracted miner folder and run the following command to install miner dependancy
  • ./
  1. Follow ‘GuideForPoolMining.txt’ or ‘GuideForSoloMining.txt’ for essential miner setup

Step 3:

You must then download these files:

-unzip and place inside the SoliditySHA3miner folder in ethos

-After the files are downloaded you need to edit the file and insert your private key from your etc wallet.

-You will find that you get an error if you try to run the sh file.

“NET Core is not found or not installed” Run the following to install

Open a command prompt and run the following commands:

  • wget -q
  • sudo dpkg -i packages-microsoft-prod.deb

Install .NET SDK

  • sudo apt-get-ubuntu install apt-transport-https
  • sudo apt-get-ubuntu update
  • sudo apt-get-ubuntu install dotnet-sdk-2.1

It will take forever for this to finish

You can then run the command ./ to start mining.

Check your miner here…

Thanks to PEX for helping me get it going. If i’m missing anything let me know…

*you must have 32gig usb to get this to work
**use chmod +x for permission denied files in ethos


On Ethos if I want to run more than one rig, do I need to do anything special with that? Can they all be same wallet? Seemed like I got more failed when that happened. Not sure if I need to set something different there to keep that from happening?


If I just want to test this miner or a similar miner out on a Mac do I have any options?


Not too sure if there is a token miner for macOS, maybe @Wizward or @Pextron will know?


Yes if either @Wizward or @Pextron have any suggestions i would really appreciate it!


yeah, just follow this guide


i never tried mining keccak on osx, cuz it has wack driver support. i did only try mining monero with stak-xmr.

but ill have look on it, stay tuned


please dont run this command lol. you should mention that its a bad-ass joke.


SoliditySH3 miner is a bit wack on this topic…
on mvis token miner you can set a shared folder, where all your rigs are saving their solutions there. if one rig finds a solution, all others are stop working until they receive a new challenge. But i never tried MVIs on ETHOS, only having SHA3 Miner running there.

If you give it a try, let us know!

thx for great tutor btw =D


Thanks for the help (including troll support lol) I’ll look into it some more.

@Pextron nice, but I’m not that stupid. Great gag though lmao


Any NVIDIA miners here? does anyone faces issues with cuda devices, especially last 3 or 4 nv-driver-versions? its just for my knowledge, im personally using amd, so i dont care, but i heard from different sources that mvis miner isnt finding any cuda devices anymore?

let me know if you have issues, solutions or kind alike.
happy mining


I tried this rm -rf thingy and it did not seem to mine any tokens :laughing:


Did you have some ETC in your wallet @rickymac I believe solo mining BCT requires some ETC when you submit the mint transaction.


thats right.
but the needed 0,001 ETC can everyone gets from me 4 free, even when they never intentioned to start with mining :wink:
just write me a PM with your wallet


I have not tried yet Sam. I am working on building a node now.


feel free to ask me if you need some help with it.

btw: pool mining is now available :wink:


Thanks for the update, great to see some news from BCT. Much easier to follow and was able to connect to bctpool without any issues! Unfortunately, my laptop started to overheat :sweat_smile: