Steps to launch an ico


Noon everyone,
Always dreamed about creating something on my own and dying to start something new with cryptocurrency. Is there any crucial information i must know? If you provide me with some, pls do me an educate, great thanks in advance.


Hey man! Welcome glad you found us :slight_smile:

What do you currently know about cryptocurrency? If you are completely new to crypto then I recommend you start by reading the bitcoin whitepaper:

And @Neuron did write an article about ICO laws that may interest you:

Three key legal points about ICO law

What sort of project were you thinking of starting? Or is there a problem that you think you could solve with cryptocurrency? And most importantly, what happened to new taylor? :wink:

Let us know! We would be glad to help



Damn man,
Sorry to say, i’ve being paid for doing that kind of posts, but your concern about Taylor and warm attitude literally made me melt.
Old Taylor is dead, sorry to say, she says about it in her top single “Look what you made me to” but i steel hope that old sweet and kind Taylor will come back and brings her bright and welcome attitude of treating everyone around back.Being modern spoiled pop-star doesn’t suits her at all.
Thanks a lot for bitcoin whitepaper, gonna spend few days to make my homework with it, i’m familiar with basis, but the more you know, the better.
And what do you think about bitcoin and it’s falling down, is a correction from February or a new trend and it will be under 8k for long? And what about new ICO and how falling course will affect it?
Thanks in advance and sorry for being a paid spammer, this post i wrote for free just to greet you, but i have to make some money.


Hey man! It’s all good brother, everyone has to eat!

But what are you being paid to promote?



Just some guide of launching an ICO, nothing special.
Best to you!


No worries but where is the link? We are all interested now! Can’t keep us hanging like this :joy: