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#1 offers more than any other social media platform online with it’s equitable crypto rewards distribution model. For the first time a social media network lets you control your content and retain the value that you contribute to the community. Ultimately we want to see people relax and enjoy life.

The Stish Mission Is Simple: "Become the #1 social media platform for people who are passionate about crypto. All while distributing stish to members who contribute to the growth of the community."

Whether you are a social butterfly or a quite article writer, Ideas Do Matter! We encourage members to say what is on their minds. Why are we creating content for gigantic conglomerates to make billions annually again? It doesn’t make sense. Escape The Giants!

Stish Crypto Info You Need Right Now!

See The Verified Contract On Etherscan at:

The Contract Address: 0xb472C71365eF9ed14226bB0AA4C9a3Fa45EcE510

The Currency Name: Stish

The Currency Trading Symbol: Stish

The Currency Decimals: 4

The Total Currency Minting: 100,000,000

The Total For Sale During The First Round (possibly only round): 10,000,000

The Rate Of The Token Event Sale Will Be 1000 Stish Per 1 ETH Through The Contract.

The Total Raise SoftCap We Really Need To Hit At Minimum For Success is $100,000 USD equivalent.

The HardCap is 10,000 ETH.

The Total Allocated For Early Adopters Founders And Pre-ICO sales of Stish1.0: 10,000,000

The Total Allocated For Future Marketing, Dev Costs, Legal Fees, Misc Expenses and Retainage: 20,000,000

The Total Allocated For Rewards Pool Distribution: 60,000,000

Trade Stish On Saturn Network

Why not join the community today and share what is on your mind.

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Thank you sir for getting us updated. I know you are covered up with the new updates which are so freaking sweet!


@Stish hello! I’ve moved your last post to a new topic as you have rebranded I think it makes more sense.

@fhstralow has asked if it is possible to import the new stish wallets into Saturn Wallet, do you provide private keys for your web wallets?

If not all I can suggest is sending your STISH from your web wallet to your Saturn Wallet.



Thank you and I will bring Stish questions here and hopefully we can get that changed.


We are advising users to move their Stish when they want to trade it to Saturn wallet or Meta Mask for interactive trading. The Stish wallets generated are just Hot wallets for temporary storage mainly for convenience of use and for new people maybe not familiar with Saturn Wallet yet or MetaMask. They can see that they are getting Stish crypto and can earn as they learn.




Nice! Thank you Saturn Network. Time to trade some STISH =)


I have decided to say screw the moon and let’s take Stish to Saturn and tell the moon to Stish It!


That is the spirit :slight_smile:


I really need to create a new Post about our platform and currency and get everything updated across all platforms so our marketing is all the same. Recently I literally deleted all of our videos over the last year. No one to blame but me and youtube. Having to link google, google + and youtube is so stupid. I hate it so much I think I will launch a competing video upload service in 2019. Until then we have dead videos around the web and I am attempting to update them all.

I’m unable to edit the main post above for some reason.


You could give a try, it can import all your existing videos from your youtube account.

If you want to message me what you needed to change, will update your post for you if you want.



Super duper huge thank you to all of Team Saturn Network. Working very hard on the best decentralized exchange and an epic crypto community. 2019 has been a huge year already for you all and I am so glad Over 1 year ago I came across a small github about the project. It has changed my life forever and I am truly blessed to be a small part of it all with you guys. My mind is blown every few weeks with your developments. Excellent job fighting for freedom for the world!


I just want to personally thank you Eric for supporting me and my music this past year.
Looking forward to 2019 and finally making music, my full time job.


There are very few people that I meet that work as hard or harder than I do to achieve their dreams. You are one of them and I appreciate where you have come from and where you are today and my gut tells me your dreams will come true. Focus and dedication can take everyone where they want to go. Stay at it and never lose the passion for your work. Thanks for joining here also. 2019 will be what we make of it!