Stish Needs Your Help! Save Stish!

Good afternoon Saturn.Network investors or members! I am a long time member of the Saturn.Network and I don’t know if anyone has heard but Eric Binkley, the Founder of, has decided to pull the plug on the project. He does not know I am writing this but, as a member of Stish I feel that I need to do whatever I can to help save this project and I am reaching out to the entire Saturn.Network community to help save Stish. Stish started on Radex and has been a part of the Saturn.Network since the beginning.

For those of you that don’t know what Stish is I will give you the quick answer. It is a social media platform that you can earn Stish by posting blogs, video’s, commenting on others posts and just about everything you do earns you Stish which can be traded here on the Saturn.Network. I have heard that FB is planning a massive purge come Oct. 1st. I don’t know if that is true but my account was disabled which I helped admin over 100 pages and now I can’t post to those pages. Is it because I had several Libertarian Party pages maybe but they didn’t give me a reason. Anyway, my point is Stish is an alternative to FB and you actually earn cryptocurrency using Stish which FB sells your info and keeps the proceeds.

I know that there are way smarter people in this network than me and I am not sure how we can save Stish or even if we can save Stish. I do believe that as a community we should be able to come up with a plan. The first thing you can do is go and sign up or first go and do some research and then sign up. If you have an idea to help save Stish or if there is any investors or maybe a group that wanted to step up please let me know. You can always message @stish.

Thank you for taking The time to read this .

#Stradog in Henderson County, Texas


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Sad to hear! What were the reasons @Stish, if its the high Ethereum transactions maybe consider Ethereum Classic, Tron or Binance Smart Chain as an alternative.

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I wanted to add a couple of links written by the founder of @Stish Eric Binkley

Will help you guys soon. Nw! Eric is a good guy! <3

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