Stuck orders cannot be transacted

Sometimes a stuck order is shown that you can click to e.g. buy, but the “exchange now” button doesn’t respond to clicks. I’m guessing that the order may no longer exist, as one much further up can be initiated through Metamask.

How can this be fixed? I’m sure I’m not the only as the HEX-ETH exchange shows no transactions in the last 6 hours and there are buy/sell orders at exactly the same price. The lowest 3 sell orders are unusable.

I have tested in FireFox and Brave, with the same results. Chrome shows the same data, but I did not attempt the transaction

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Thanks for bringing this up! You did the right thing to post on the forum about it.

We had some issues with our blockchain full node provider, it has been resolved.


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Same problem here,what can i do.