Support for other blockchains'


I was having a conversation on twitter with most likely Sam/Neuron and that sparked this question. So I will post it here and will leave someone with better knowledge and experience ELI5.
How do we implement listing of other blockchain token/coins on Saturn Network?
What are the technical constraints?
I know about interoperability , is it same or different?

And before I end, I would like to ask all the community members to spread the word about Saturn. I am not sure why we are not at the top when we have a product which is better than 99% of the products out there.
Kudos to the #teamsaturn and Future is bright


Technical constraint - the chain must be EVM compatible, at the moment.
Financial contraint - supporting new chain infrastructure costs money and we don’t want to bite more than we can chew.

Best reading for this: Other Blockchains

I am not sure why we are not at the top when we have a product which is better than 99% of the products out there.

Mostly because we do not have the marketing budgets of centralized projects, which means that we rely on our users and our community to spread the word

  • 1-tx exchange
  • 100% on-chain
  • easy to use on desktop and mobile
  • trademining - the more you trade the more saturn tokens you get
  • decentralized profit sharing - upon DAO activation all profits from collected fees will be allocated to Saturn token holders

We need either a significant marketing budget, about $300,000 - $500,000, to REALLY make a difference, or we need word of mouth to start working :slight_smile:

Try finding a person who doesn’t know about Saturn, sit with them and install Trust Wallet on their phone, and teach them to trade tokens on $ETC and $ETH. Do this once a week, and we’ll soon see the change.


I read @Neuron’s answer and it is a good one. I think that the current marketing strategy, using word of mouth, is a great way to go. I started a poll over on @Stish to see how many of our members have used or heard of the Saturn.Network and so far 5 out 9 have used Saturn.Network. That means we could be doing a better job of promoting the Saturn.Network on our platform and we all can do a better job at promoting the network around social media. The reason I think that using word of mouth as the main marketing strategy is a great way to go is one it is cheap and second it limits growth, which is good in some ways and not so good in other ways. We don’t want to grow too fast, IMO, but growing too slow is not good either. May I suggest using Empire.Kred and Does Saturn.Network have a Facebook page and a group page? Are we using all the social media sites available? I am just brainstorming a little here. I went back to and found this for Saturn Network, I also went and found the link to the Facebook page,