Support the Morden (or Kotti) test network




Having waited for Ethereum Classic support on MetaMask (and used lots of nasty hacks to get it working) for a while, I’m very pleased that Saturn Wallet offers me something to recommend to end users of my dApps which they can just install and use.

I suggested this on Twitter, but something I’d really like to see is support for Morden or Kotti so that I can test my full application (React frontend, off-chain application, and on-chain contracts) end-to-end on ETC EVM before deploying my application to production.

Right now, I’m having to use MetaMask (which also doesn’t support Morden or Kotti, so I’m testing on the wrong version of EVM by using one of the ETH testnets) which is less than ideal because it’s not an exact mirror of my end users’ experience. Any difference between ETC EVM and ETH EVM is not being accounted for in my testing, and neither is any difference between MetaMask and Saturn Wallet.

As an aside, I’d really like to see Saturn Wallet go open source. It’s going to be a hard sell in a trust minimalist ecosystem to get mass adoption for proprietary software.


Nice to see you here!

Maybe choose Kotti instead? PoA seems to be much nicer for a dapp development testnet.


I didn’t actually know about Kotti. That would be ideal, I think.

Edited my original post.


Also, did you try doing the final test round & collecting screenshots using… ETC mainnet? At $4/coin and transaction fees as low as 0.00001 Gwei it is a very affordable experience.


In my opinion the safest way to do testing is with Kovan on Metamask, and then once you are ready to deploy on ETC mainnet, deploy there and test thoroughly, it costs a little, but it is important because I have discovered bugs (solidity <= 0.4.21) only when I deployed on ETC mainnet.