SWAT - Mining Enabled ERC20 Token


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  • Token Name: SWTCoin
  • Symbol: SWAT
  • Contract: 0xc0F1728d9513EFC316D0E93A0758c992f88b0809
  • Initial Exchange Offering? Yes
  • Website: http://www.swatcoin.network/
    Brief Intro: SWAT is a (POW) proof of work Crypto Coin based on the ERC20 Standards, that can be mined only with Pocket Miner ™ an Android device sold by the SWAT Coin project and by the SWATMINER APK that can be bought from the project. The project is based on a lean mining technology using the SWATMINER APK an android app, which consumes negligible resources be it CPU, GPU, RAM, DATA, Bandwidth or Battery. A Coin with a project, Minimum Viable Product and Great Future potential. SWAT will set the future standard in facilitating Secure, Wide-spectrum, Authenticated Transactions. Secure, Wide-spectrum Authenticated Transactions being the key factors of the project the acronym SWAT as the symbol and the name SWAT Coin have emerged.


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Welcome @SWATCoin ! Glad you found us, you are interested in using Saturn Launchpad?

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