SweetToken (SWC), ERC223



Sweetcoin is a utility token that offers member discounts. It allows you to:

  • Eliminate or reduce fees from any Sweetbridge app or service (such as interest, membership, exchange fees, alliance fees, and more).
    *Increases the amount you can borrow from your assets by 10%.
    *Borrow from the value of your Sweetcoin itself.



Thanks for sharing! I can’t seem to find anything about the token being ERC223 on their website though? It says ERC20.

Have you followed this project for a while?


Hi Samr,
Yeah I’ve been following the project for a while. If you see Here for token and other details. You can see that it’s ERC223 in their Token code


Oh cool! Thats odd I wonder why they put ERC20 on their website, do you have their token’s contract address on etherscan?


Yeah I’ll actually bring that up to them in their Telegram :joy:
Yeah token contract is here; https://etherscan.io/address/0xff32d68d8a4608fba6b51f07d1f138a63a149211


Yeah! Be sure to let us know what they say about that :slight_smile: And if any of their representatives or DEVs wants to reach out, let them know :wink:

We can normally list ERC223 tokens very quickly, however, at the moment I know our development team is very busy working on Radex’s API. Once it is released we will really start to list many tokens onto Radex.