SweetToken (SWC), ERC223



Sweetcoin is a utility token that offers member discounts. It allows you to:

  • Eliminate or reduce fees from any Sweetbridge app or service (such as interest, membership, exchange fees, alliance fees, and more).
    *Increases the amount you can borrow from your assets by 10%.
    *Borrow from the value of your Sweetcoin itself.



Thanks for sharing! I can’t seem to find anything about the token being ERC223 on their website though? It says ERC20.

Have you followed this project for a while?


Hi Samr,
Yeah I’ve been following the project for a while. If you see Here for token and other details. You can see that it’s ERC223 in their Token code


Oh cool! Thats odd I wonder why they put ERC20 on their website, do you have their token’s contract address on etherscan?


Yeah I’ll actually bring that up to them in their Telegram :joy:
Yeah token contract is here; https://etherscan.io/address/0xff32d68d8a4608fba6b51f07d1f138a63a149211


Yeah! Be sure to let us know what they say about that :slight_smile: And if any of their representatives or DEVs wants to reach out, let them know :wink:

We can normally list ERC223 tokens very quickly, however, at the moment I know our development team is very busy working on Radex’s API. Once it is released we will really start to list many tokens onto Radex.


Hey @nath1014 hows it going? Not sure if you have been following out latest updates but if SWC needs an exchange, you can let them know we are now operational with token self listing!

Anyone can list SweetToken, just follow this guide: