TEEN COIN New Exchange Listing

Hey Guys,

New Exchange:

Besides Saturn, we are also traded on Finexbox Exchange under the ETH pair and are currently working on a business deal so now may be a good time to get some Teen?

Note the price is much cheaper on Finex at the moment.


Its your turn now! Help your mates!

Hi Pex :slight_smile:

How is Germany?

Thanks for the reply!

Check out the new killer Eddie! How bad is that??? I know it is not as bad as Pex. :slight_smile:

We would love to connect with oldcryptogeek to collaborate! :wink:

We are still looking for a developer to mint a coin on ETC chain? Anyone know a developer that can mint a token?

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Hey Mr. R.

How is Canada?! :smiley:

Check out the old killer Addy! How bad is that??? I know, it f*!§$s u all :wink:


Canna hier? Oder kann er da?

NEIN! Er kann Nirgendwo!

Hi there Pex,

Here is an overview on Teen.

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Ive never said that you are stupid :wink: