TEEN COIN Partners With Banks To Create Teen Account

Teen Coin (TEEN), traded on Saturn Network recently met with a series of banks to introduce the concept of bridging traditional investing with blockchain investments through the “Teen Account.”

The account would be open to investors of all ages, but geared with a focus towards teens as a strategy to engage the[younger generation of bankers, who are already familiar with digital currencies.

The partnership would involve transferring the Teen Coin Reserve of 11 Billion to the Bank, whereupon, a sales deal would be negotiated as part of the “Teen Coin” initiative. Funds raised from the sale would be used to list the Teen Coin within the Imtoken TokenLon exchange, since it is the primary mobile wallet used for Teen, as well as develop marketing programs on behalf of the bank to reach out to youth organizations, schools, and youth associations.

TEEN continues[to advance as a more appealing currency to youth(https://myteencoin.com/2019/11/12/financial-integration-work-continues/) and teens because of it’s focus on fun and learning, as well as games, and [standing up for values that are important to youth.

Other programs include reaching out the Future Business Leaders of America, and other youth organizations in order to increase the attraction of the Teen Account, and begin the socialization process of adopting digital currencies as a move to progress beyond paper money.

I believe that early Teen investors will see an upside on this project if they start now, and join the evolution of this dynamic project.

TEEN also continues to advance it’s development on the merchant services side with the recent announcement of the Google SKU QR Code Patent application, which will allow for product purchase and merchandising options.

We would like to thank Sam, Neuron, and the Saturn Family for their support as we continue to work to bridge the gap between the future and the obsolete.

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