TEEN:NCOV Trading Pair?


In June, we are offering an optional Coin Swap for Teen holders, where they can trade 5 TEEN for 1 NCOV.

To facilitate the process, would it be able to create a TEEN:NCOV trading pair so that our market makers can go ahead and begin live pair trading.

Secondly, some of the teen developers are also NCOV developers, making it easier for the group to exchange directly between the group on the exchange using the newly formed pairing.

Please advise if we conduct the manual coin swap, or if we can create a trading pair and let the markets decide?

A TEEN:NCOV pair is something that you will be able to do once Saturn Protocol v2 is deployed, as it will enable token to token pairs:

So could start with a manual swap and create the market once v2 is released, in the meantime, promoting the HODL program is great way to help. Remember you can generate a unique referral link to share to your communities via the dashboard here.