Test Network - applying an Ethereum address to the Solidity code


Hi I have tried to implement the token / ICO on ropsten test network using a free faucet of ether. I was thinking I could move it over to Ethereum Classic network after it is fully tested. However, I get an error when I apply an Ether address using the ropsten test network. The error is
“Warning: This looks like an address but has an invalid checksum. If this is not used as an address, please prepend ‘00’. Correct checksummed address: ‘0x854BFd6750e1e3e270102268Bb145224E4448c34’. For more information please see https://solidity.readthedocs.io/en/develop/types.html#address-literals
address private treasury = 0x854bfd6750e1e3e270102268bb145224e4448c34;
^----------------------------------------^” Do I need to change something in the solidity coding or libraries to make this work on Ropsten test network ? ( I get no error when I apply an Ethereum classic address from Saturn wallet to the solidity code.)


it literally tells you what to do - replace the address with the checksummed one. It is for your own safety.


Neuron, thanks, but why do this occur on an Ether address using Ropsten test network and not when I use an Ethereum Classic address in the contract ? I have tested many other contracts on the Ropsten test network before but I never got this issue. Why now ?


Who knows? I wasn’t looking over your shoulder when you were working :slight_smile:


Good morning/afternoon how do I get public httpProvider of etc node please?

http://etcstats.net/5ceuMix4qSM6APj7QwTPU ?




or follow this guide from ETC’s reddit


Thank you @Neutron