Token listing process


These are our official steps to follow if you would like to see your token being listed on Radex or Radex Classic & Saturn Wallet. Please note that, though not necessary, currently we prefer to deal with an official member or representative of the project’s development team, as this allows us to coordinate announcements effectively in your community and ours.

  1. Introduce your token in our cryptocurrencies section, this topic will be linked on Radex’s market dashboard and in Saturn Wallet if your token is listed so please provide complete information. A good example would be the following: aXpire (AXP) - ERP SaaS Company, please follow the same format.
  2. Be sure to also include your token’s contract address on etherscan or gastracker and also a 200x200 version of your logo on a transparent background.
  3. For Ethereum tokens, If your standard is ERC223 please follow these steps to check it, and let us know the outcome. If your token standard is ERC20 then we may decide to have a community vote before listing your token, please ensure you post in this topic to be included in the next vote.
  4. For Ethereum Classic tokens, for either standard, please ensure you also post in this topic.
  5. Please be patient and allow time for our development team to audit your token’s smart contract.
  6. If everything is okay then we will be able to list your token, we will confirm a date with you and go from there.

Please let me know if you have any queries, happy trading!

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