Token not added to wallet


I want to use an ERC-20-token.
If I add the contract address (i.e. 0x599346779e90fc3F5F997b5ea715349820F91571 for the STN token) in my ETH network, the token is not displayed in the tokens tab. I tried several others tokens.

Any suggestions how to solve this?


If you have 0 balance the token will not be displayed


Thanks for the quick response.

According to the Saturn Wallet video series ( Saturn Wallet: How to manage your custom tokens) a token with zero balance should be visible.
Also, the topic Adding custom ETH or ETC tokens does not mention the balance of the token should be non-zero.

My preference is to show the tokens if one adds the token to one’s wallet. In this way you always know and see what the balances of your preferred tokens are (instead of deducting that if the token is not shown, the balance of that token is zero)


Hi @Aihini

Sorry this was done in a recent update v1.0.14, we develop our wallet hand in hand with our exchange Saturn Network and it was getting difficult to scroll through all the tokens that were being listed on our exchange. Therefore we amended it to only show tokens if your balance is greater than zero.

I will update our forum tutorial, if you would like to suggest a different solution feel free to do so:

But why would you want to see your balance if it is zero?

Also note that if you add your token details to our github’s asset directory, then this token will automatically display if you have a balance:



My suggestion is the following:
As in other wallets (i.e. Exodus) I like to have an overview of my preferred tokens independent of the balance. If I am no longer interested in a token , there should be the possibility to remove it from my overview manually (also independent of the balance).


Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: we will have a think about it next time we update the wallet.