Token self-listing on Saturn Protocol (Mimas)



This guide explains how you can list an Ethereum Classic token on Saturn Protocol Alpha Release (Mimas), listing is completely free though you will need to have the token in your Saturn Wallet and some ETC available to sign the transaction(pay for gas) as to list a token you will need to create an order.

Please do introduce your token and project to our community in our Cryptocurrencies section before listing, this way people can easily find information about your token, thanks!

Token Self-Listing Saturn Protocol (Mimas)

  1. Visit our main website and open an existing market from the landing dashboard.
  2. Once you have an orderbook open, check the URL, if you have opened Saturn Classic’s orderbook it will look like this:
    Notice the contract addresses in the URL:
    Token contract (Saturn Classic) - 0xac55641cbb734bdf6510d1bbd62e240c2409040f
    ETC - 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
  3. Simply replace the token contract with the token’s contract you would like to list, and reload the website. If you have done everything correctly you should be greeted with a blank orderbook.
  4. Click “Create Order” and proceed to create a buy or a sell order. When prompted sign the transaction with Saturn Wallet and wait for the order to be succesfully created.
  5. Thats it you are done! If you now go back to the main Assets list page, you will see your token is listed for everyone to trade.

Recommended Next Steps

  1. Create forum introduction topic to receive additional exposure please introduce your token and project to our community in our Cryptocurrencies section.
  2. Add your logo & additional information on if you have never used Github before, we recommend you watch this video first: Tutorial on pull request & submitting pull request on Github.
  3. Submit your logo to Saturn Wallet: How to submit your token to be pre-listed with logo

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