Token suggestions for Radex Classic listing


Which tokens would you like to be listed on Radex Classic?

Please submit them in the following format:

  • Name:
  • Symbol:
  • Link to website:
  • Link to whitepaper:
  • Why you want to see it listed on Radex Classic:

As it stands when Radex Classic is launched it will most likely only have Saturn Classic listed, because so far we have not come across an ETC token that is still an active project. We are confident that developers will be choosing the ETC chain in the future, especially with the knowledge they will have a DEX to be listed on :slight_smile:

Feel free to get in touch also if you are actively developing your token! If we can we are happy to give you any feedback and help with your smart contract. Hopefully in the future we can provide some more educational content for developing on the ETC chain.



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