Token suggestions for Radex listing


Which tokens would you like to see listed on Radex? Please reply in the following format:

  • Name
  • Symbol
  • Link to website
  • Link to whitepaper
  • Why you want to see it listed on Radex

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eBitcoin is a community-driven crypto ecosystem where the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum meet. Being an open source Community, we have an extensive global team that works around the clock and we are always inviting other developers with the same vision to join our ever-expanding global team of block chain developers.

We offer a crypto-currency merchant services, that allow online and storefront merchants to accept many different crypo’s as a payment solution. Our shopping cart plugins work in most of the popular online shopping carts including shopify, weebly, ecwid and opencart.


Symbol: ALCO
Link to website:
Link to whitepaper:
Why you want to see it listed on Radex: Very innovative concept for cryptocurrency


Name: easyMINE Token
Symbol: EMT
Link to website:
Link to whitepaper:
Why you want to see it listed on Radex: Great platform, may completely revolutionize crypto mining. If it takes off, the token will be in high demand :slight_smile:


Name - Veritaseum
Symbol - veri
Link to website -
Link to whitepaper - None
Why you want to see it listed on Radex - Few listings of which 60% on Etherdelta, then HitBC and Mercatox so not well represented.
Contract Address - 0x8f3470a7388c05ee4e7af3d01d8c722b0ff52374


ASSPACE TOKEN is decentralized social network with an opprtunity for maintaining social activities by stimulation any User’s action with ASSPACE Tokens [ASP] rewards. social network platform intended to unite professionals and youngsters in adult content production and give them a multi functional crowdfunding opportunities. For consumers offers unique feature - internal “marketplace” that allows users united in groups by interest get content by their scenarios with clearly defined quality, quantity and other evaluation criterias.

Symbol [ASP]

Why Radex? Seems that this exchange will have bright future due to innovative view for token trading and ASSPACE wants be together on the upcoming wave than go down how others do today!



Please Heart The Post Below And Direct Further Discussions Here: - Helping Steemians Grow!

As the founder of SteemThat I would like to see Steemish traded here. We have a small community growing around our token and this exchange is clean and has a community feel that I think our members would appreciate.

We are complete noobs with good intentions and do not compare in size to any of the others. One exchange is really all we would ever need and a decentralized approach that is easy to use like Radex would help many of our new to Ethereum members. Most are coming from learning about Crypto from Steemit.

We have the symbol Stish. No Pre Mining or crazy distributions. Here is our EtherScan:

We have a reddit, twitter, facebook, discord, telegram, etc. I have really been focused and rarely visit any as we have a full social portal where members can message me in public or private. Plus we are on Steemit also regularly. We ran a promotion Bid bot with almost zero complaints for 6 months. We have used our own internal point system with zero complaints for 6 months.

We are not a concept ICO but a working Equitable Proof Of Stake model that allows members to tokenize their points. We are putting 50% of all earnings essentially in escrow in case of a disastrous event such as legal issues arise that make us unable to operate as we a based in the USA. Not opposed to moving if necessary in the future. We have a basic simple white paper and are really in a pre ICO launch phase.

Tokens Not Sold During A Token Participation Event Will Be Added To The Rewards Pool For EPOS distribution hopefully allowing for community members to own the lions share of the token.

Your consideration is appreciated. Thank you.
SteemThat Founder
Eric Binkley


I would like to see it on the exchange soon


Name: Logarithm
Symbol: LGR
Contract Address : 0x2eb86e8fC520E0F6Bb5D9Af08F924fe70558Ab89
Symbol : LGR
Supply : 66 666 670 LGR
Decimal: 8
Holders: 79404
Why you want to see it listed on Radex: A token that can do a lot of work in the future


Symbol DRINK
Link to website
Link to whitepaper
Why you want to see it listed on Radex: Everyone deserves free beer and this token even supports a craft beer brewery as well!


Brauerei Sutton


Token backed by a man’s promise to pour a cup of beer for another crypto enthusiast. I like it!


As good as an IRL handshake between gentlemen for sure :slight_smile:

I already sent out 1 Drink to a thirsty real ale supporter, and it was successfully received, so I am very happy the project works technically anyway :slight_smile:


P.S If you see any “flaws” in my whitepaper and what I ask for/explain to folks how to do it etc., please let me know. I am experienced in crypto hodling, but not at devising a crypto-drinking game :slight_smile:



Name: CR7Coin
Symbol: CR7
Link to website:
Link to whitepaper: N/A

Why you want to see it listed on Radex:
CR7Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency just like bitcoin, built on the ethereum blockchain through smart-contract by a team of young football and blockchain enthusaists who conceived the idea to Immortalize football legend “Cristiano Ronaldo” on the blockchain forever.
CR7Coin is a coin of the fans, by the fans and for the fans of Cristiano Ronaldo and football in general.

Apart from being on the pitch, we want Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) to be part the day-to-day activities of his loyal fans.
We will build a marketplace for football and sports related goods were CR7Coin will be used as the currency.
We plan to build a football network to connect aspiring football players and agents.
We plan to partner with football merchants and platforms to accept CR7Coin for payments.
You can tip a football fan with 1 CR7. Interesting, right?

CR7Coin will fairly be distributed through airdrops and bounties to the football loving crypto community.
Airdrops will be done occasionally and we will donate CR7Coins to football academies/development programs.

Note: CR7Coin is neither endorsed nor affiliated with Cristiano Ronaldo.
This is just a community powered project.


Name: CrowdstartCoin
Symbol: XSC
Link to website:
Link to whitepaper: N/A
Why you want to see it listed on Radex:

Crowdstart Capital (CSC) is a Blockchain Evolution Incentive Scheme.

CSC’s goal is to advance the Blockchain ecosystem at-large by rewarding developers committing valuable code. We reward developers with CrowdstartCoins (Ticker: XSC) to incentivize core development. This, in turn, drives the development of Blockchain technology at-large towards enterprise-readiness.

If you are a developer you can claim XSC by filling out the following form with details of your contribution and public ethereum address.
We’ve already distributed XSC to around 600 people contributing to the evolution of the blockchain ecosystem.

CrowdstartCoin is already available on IDEX and Etherdelta but we’d love to see it here on Radex due to full decentralization offered!


[quote=“Neuron, post:1, topic:28, full:true”]
Name: OLXA
Symbol: OLXA
Link to website:
Link to whitepaper:
Why you want to see it listed on Radex:
We beleive together we can acheive success through our wonderful community and your incredible support. that’s all needed for success in the best way.


Hi. We would like to list new Erc223 Cryptocurrency.

Name: ©iphs

Symbol: CIPHS


White Paper:

Why we choose Rados? Maintaining the liquidity within decentralize exchange circulation as ©iphs were developed to be decentralize. Based on ERC20/223 with tokenFallback function with the concept secure and friendly user. ©iphs are global in a minority ERC223 decentralize Cryptocurrency project backed by Community. A Cryptocurrency with Meritocracy Governance Monetary system that benefits the Community within


if you could check that this token is indeed ERC223 using this guide it would be very helpful.


Symbol: YLC
Link to website:
Link to whitepaper:

Why you want to see it listed on Radex :
This is something different from the other coins/Token out there, YOLOCASH token has been made for franchising model or to tokenized franchising. Definitely you can use our token to franchise any business like food carts, restaurants and use it to buy products using our mobile application which is the YOLOAPP. By using YOLOCASH token you can get discounts and easy process for franchising. It will also elevate the process of payment because of the mobile application that we have. The world can franchise online, using our E-commerce system people can choose business they want to franchise and it would be easy to do it by using YOLOCASH token and Blockchain technology.


Name - KPR Coin
Symbol - KPR
Link to website -
Link to whitepaper -
Why you want to see it listed on Radex - KPR is an ERC223 token.
KPR will be used for the Hemp and Medicinal cannabis industry to transparently track customers orders from the ordering to the delivery through the KPR custom portal.