Token suggestions for Radex listing


Did you check that the token is indeed ERC223?


Yes this token is ERC223


Please post a transaction where you send a small amount of this token to Radex’s address per the guide I posted above. If it’s ERC20 the token will be burned. If it’s ERC223 you will simply deposit some tokens on the exchange and will be able to withdraw at any moment.


Name: Original Crypto Coin

Symbol: OCC (OCC4 if there is a conflict)

Link to website:

Link to whitepaper:

Why you want to see it listed on Radex: Our token fills a void in the crypto space, which is education. The OCC team is solid and transparent, and the OCC community is active and growing.

Original Crypto Coin, L3C is registered as “low profit” L3C corporation in the state of Utah, USA. Our stated mission is to educate people about using crypto currency. Our first educational conference (Coming soon) is scheduled for March 1-2, 2019 in Salt Lake City, UT.

To that end, we distributed 56 billion tokens for free (making us not a security) in the largest “no strings attached” Airdrop in crypto history. We then opened the token up so that developers could use the tokens in their apps for free and several projects have committed to using our tokens in their apps already.

Token Name: Original Crypto Coin
Symbol: OCC (OCC4 if there is a conflict)
Decimals: 18
Blockchain: Ethereum


The KPR Coin project looks great!


Maybe you can present it in our Cryptocurrencies - Saturn Network | Crypto Traders Club section ? :slight_smile:


Ive noticed a common trend among successful new exchanges. If the goal is to get a large userbase, quickly - aim to list the new hype icos as fast as possible. Exchanges like hotbit and bilaxy have risen from nothing to popularity because they beat everyone in listing quarkchain, pchain, holochain, nexo etc. The next lineup might be atonomi, essentia, oneledger, uchain, egretia, chain of things, rsk, dcc, airbloc… thats all i can hhibk of right now but im missing a lot. Thats just something to think about.


Name: Ethorse
Symbol: HORSE
Link to website:
Link to whitepaper:
Why you want to see it listed on Radex: HORSE is cool dApp I use and need new DEX.


Name: Nexo
Symbol: NEXO
Link to website:
Why would you like to see it listed on Radex: Nexo I follow long time, since the beginging even. Very good project and strong team, making amazing leaps in cryptocurrency finance industry. Lending is an important sector for crypto to conquer and they have active community 40k+ on telegram, I believe this could be good for Radex. I think tokens that have strong communities and active traders are what Radex needs to move forward! Traders like to talk :slight_smile:

The longer the night, the more dreams there will be.

Token listing process

-GraphGrail AI


GraphGrail is developing a decentralized marketplace for AI and neural network solutions. In the future I believe that the solutions provided by GAI will be much sought after and demand for the token will increase, thereby increasing the popularity and use of


This project is very interesting. The provision of such services are going to be highly demanded in the not so distant future. This looks like a valuable proposition, and a great addition to Radex’s current stable of token offerings.


Tokens to list:
None of these have been released yet, but theYr gaining popularity. If we are first to list it can create some volume and attract new users.


We are working on a major Radex upgrade that is going to make the exchange much, much more user friendly and easier to use. When we release that we will start aggressively listing new tokens. Your help in scouting the best offerings is highly appreciated!



*ERC223 token, Rados would be the first exchange to trade it. Currently tradable, and still in a “Drip ICO”, but only to non-american, KYC’d applicants. Plenty of people who got in months ago wanting to trade out of it, and plenty of people who would like to buy on secondary markets.

The project is great too, currently raised over $16m. USed as a platform token in their ecosystem.

SweetToken (SWC), ERC223

After following the instructions from here Token contract has 1 SWC, and balance of user that deposited updates too. Token confirmed ERC223


In my opinion, this is one of the few projects that is really useful for the blockchain implementation in the real sector of business

  • Delegatecall Token
  • DC
  • Delegatecall is a fast growing blockchain focused social network. They have no exchange yet but the token they are built on top of is the LOOM SDK which is listed on binance. Radex becoming the first exchange for DC token would bring many users to the exchange instantly. Loom is a sidechain sdk solution for Ethereum. This allows DPOS chains like Delegatecall to be secured by the Ethereum erc20 standard. When you withdraw DC token from delegatecall you are withdrawing to the ethereum network as an erc20.


yes +1. good token.


Universal coin

ETC erc223 token, which is an interesting experiment in wealth creation and universal basic income, as 80% of the tokens will be distributed for free. Will probably be worthless but an exciting idea nonetheless.


Another ETC token would be very cool, will learn about Universal Coin and hope to see it added :slight_smile: