Token suggestions for Radex listing


yeah this! It’s gonna be the opponent of AGI, very huge possibilities given.


Agreed, this is some good stuff!


I assume this project can bring a lot of newcomers to Exchange - why - because Ai is the new hype now, they will post a lot of new about Ai solutions made on the platform, these post will attract a lot of readers - they go to exchange to but tokens,
ICO completed successfully, ready MVP


Hi perspective project with real people. AI is a future of technology!


AI IS exciting, for sure!! The reason i’m pumped for ETC and STN, is the “space-type” feel I get, and the galactic/space/dark matter stuff should be hot very soon. Awesome projects and really pumped on my decisions which landed me here.


A fitting theme for a Network that will be the foundation for our future inter-galactic economy :slight_smile:


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