TOKPIE (TKP) token

  • Token Name: TOKPIE
  • Symbol: TKP
  • Contract: 0xd31695a1d35e489252ce57b129fd4b1b05e6acac
  • Standard: Ethereum
  • Website:

TKP is the token of Tokpie cryptocurrency exchange.
Tokpie is the First Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform with Bounty Stakes Trading service. The holding of TKP token allows:

  • getting up to 500% discount on trade fees;
  • decreasing withdrawal commissions by almost twice;
  • getting Regular airdrops from all newly listed projects;
  • receiving up to 70% referral bonus;
  • obtaining promising IEO tokens on Tokpie Launchpad;
  • depositing bounty stakes under Bounty Stakes Trading 2.0 solution;
  • borrowing by using TKP as collateral;
  • increasing LTV (loan-to-value) ratio up to 90%;
  • earing interest income by lending TKP token (staking).