Trading leaderboards let's discuss!


We have just published a new article on the blog, which goes into detail regarding our second milestone on our HODL dApps development plan:

I wanted to hear the community’s thoughts on how we are planning to implement trading leaderboards, because of course, we want to see token owners starting competitions. Here are some points I thought we would need to figure out as a community:

  • Should every token market have leaderboard? If you think that only certain tokens should have leadersboards, please outline how you think it should work & what the token market should require before having a leaderboard displayed.
  • We believe the leaderboards should display traders who trade the most volume, do you agree?
  • What period do you think they should display? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? All?

Hoping to see some discussion!


i dont know about leaderboards for every token, ONEX, BCT, and both SATURN sure
weekly would be ok - maybe later combined with a little contest, just one token a week?


Well, I’d consider having highly visible leaderboards only for tokens currently running trading contests and for the others it could be perhaps more hidden in some menu, as to prevent cluttering the interface too much. In such a case I would not mind having leaderboards for all tokens.


then get to know our other assets like xmrt or ntro or unity, saturn world is much bigger as you can imagine



1st of all thank you guys very much for sharing and influencing this project :heart:

i would find it fair if every project and every token (no matter in which blockchain) can be seen in the leaderboard, because this isn´t a dictatorship it´s a decentralized universe for everyone!

there should be an inscription on the main page to the leaderboard and the leaderboard could be accessed via the left menu, eg. under the airdrop feature

more ideas later :))


select tokens

token_vol_week >= (total_vol_week / 10) or at least token_vol_week > 0, well lol, zero volume is pointless 0 * 1000 = 0

so a token that hits more than 10% of total volume from the week,
maybe (25%) to make it more competitive token_vol_week >= (total_vol_week / 4).
We could also just take top 3-5 tokens by vol, that would keep things easy and effective.


Platform | Trader | Volume and/or SaturnMined | Gains | Interactions
(we could also add EtherBalance in Contract | TokenBalance in Contract, but not important IMO )

this we could split in a few competitions:
Trader with most passed volume (top marketmaker) and trader that gained most in percent, cuz passing much volume isnt making you to a good trader though. Additional fun would be Trader with most interactions (newOrder, cancelOrder, Trade)


that was my idea too


The listed ERC-223 tokens are competing against each other already with the 24 hour volume chart, and I think the way that’s set up is good for the time being.
As far as traders go, I think a competition between traders is a good idea and if there’s a prize pool, it adds incentive for trading on Saturn.Network. I’m not sure that plain old “trading volume” is the best statistic to base the winners on. It would be awesome if Saturn.Network could provide a new format for competitive traders, rather than just buy+sell volume = score.
I don’t know how difficult it would be, but i’m thinking that a formula for Traders could be something like this.?
Trader Joe:
(Trader Joe’s Buy amount - Trader Joe’s Sell amount = X )
( X / number of Trader Joe’s trades = Y )
( Y is then multiplied by the total number of traders who traded during the competition time frame. ) = Trader Joe’s competition score.

I wanted to throw a suggestion out there, but I am not sure how well that formula would work for trading competitions.

If that’s no good, or if another statistic is needed, maybe we could create a HODL incentive by factoring in the amount of tokens earned and held during the competition time frame.?

I know that you Saturn.Network devs will unveil something super sweet either way.
I’m really excited to see how it effects the network and tokens.

Hopefully, the competition format will be great for traders, token creators, and Saturn developers. If I think of anything else, i’ll post later.
Thanks everyone, have a great Saturnday!


Woah, that’s alot ^


Rubbing hands in anticipation do it guys!! looking forward to this - all ideas valid