Transaction accepted, coin sold but no ETH received

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Hello Dear Team,

Yesterday I did some transactions, all was working perfectly but not the last one. When I decided to sell all my coins to receive ETH, the transaction has been accepted but I did not receive any ETH and my balance account is now 0 WITH 0 coin :confused:

Could you please help me to solve this issue and provide me if possible explanation about what goes wrong?

Thank you for your support

Transaction details: 0xc5d71c9ee48f9448699557dd88d5a47fe4a4c18047c6bbcb092079bfbcce7f6f

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Hey @G_S hope you are well. What you have done here is create an open order to sell NCOV tokens. The order is open and you can manage it here:

Saturn Network is an exchange for peer to peer trading, another trader will need to fill your order (buy the tokens) then you will receive ETH directly to your wallet and he/she will receive NCOV tokens. One thing you should check is the token’s current market price:

Currently NCOV is being sold at 0.00000325 ETH per token, however, you have created your order at 0.0000115 ETH per token. This means you are far off the current market price, it is not a problem if you believe NCOV price will increase, then you can just wait for the market to reach your price. But if you are looking to trade fast, then you need to create orders closer to the market price.


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Hello Sam,

Ok, I understand what happened now, the platform is completely new to me and I did not think to look at my orders ahah
In any case, thank you very much for your support and your time :slight_smile:


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