Transaction fail


Hello i want to sell some bct and i want to chancle one failure order from me. But everytime i become an failure but my coins are lost? Can anyone help me what i am doing wrong??



You must be using trust wallet? Unfortunately their gas estimation code is still broken which commonly causes confusion when people are trying to cancel orders.

Before you sign the transaction, please kindly increase the gas limit field to about 300,000. Don’t worry, unused gas will be refunded back to your account automatically. (fyi gas tracker shows that you set 93964 gas limit).

If the transaction failed no coins have been moved, they are most definitely not lost. Funds are safu, as a wise man once said


You can also lower the gas price, I think trust wallet auto sets 23 or 24 but this is not really needed I normally set 1.


Now it works thank you


Great to hear =)