Transaction is stuck pending

Made this TX several days ago. 0xb1bb72754ae97bbafbcdb7d6f30ece34ec4ed5af15d37ac19ccefb6ad66f9bbb
Used too low a fee and now its stuck. Tried increasing fee. Says insufficient funds. No success. Cant trade any tokens from wallet. I confirm them and transaction appears wallet with invalid TX ID.

Any ideas how to sort this out.


Hello @v8mgbgt I think you will need to try to cancel your transaction via MEW. I have wrote a little guide for you to follow:

Let me know if it makes sense, and if it sorts the problem out for you.


Thanks for making the effort to produce that. It all went through as per your instructions on Nonce 61 and produced Nonce 78. Nonce 61 still frozen.

Says insufficient balance but have plenty of ETH and ETC in there.
Was already buying STRN in ETC. The stuck 33 ETC transaction is for STRN.

All Nonces after 61 do not produce a locateable hash

Its as though it cant use my balance to cancel.

This “pending” transaction has nonce 61, and it cannot complete because you do not have enough ETC in your wallet. As soon as you add another ~32 ETC this transaction will clear though and you will be able to use your wallet again.

Or you can try to “cancel” that pending transaction by issuing another one with nonce 61, and doing something else - e.g. sending 0.0000001 ETC to yourself with gas price 10 Gwei.

The wallet screenshot you attached clearly says that you have 1.27 ETC, and you are trying to send 33 ETC - that’s why tx is failing. Please follow the guide again and enter a smaller amount - something that your wallet can process, e.g. 0.001 ETC.

Your other options are

  1. Add 33 ETC to this wallet, old transaction will clear through and you’ll be able to use the wallet again
  2. Learn to code and use ethers.js or web3.js to sort this all out
  3. Find another guide on how to send a tx with a fixed nonce - remember, all you gotta do is to create a realistic transaction with nonce 61
  4. Restart your computer - this tried and simple technique can solve the hardest issues
  5. Abandon this wallet forever


Think I get it now. Will try all those items.
Got 500,000 STRN in that wallet so will presevere.

Appreciate your assistance with this matter

Filled the account with ETC and all transactions went through.

Thanks again

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