Tron Game Global Token Sale


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GTP Token is one of the growing payment codes, provided by the Tron Game Global ecosystem.

GTP Token after a period of private sale is now officially open for sale to the community to share opportunities and values ​​for the community. This is a positive thing to support the community as well as GTP ecosystem.


Welcome @AMIS_ERC20 glad you found us! If you are new to Saturn Network here is a great article to start with:

If you are interested in using Saturn Launchpad to raise funds via an Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering (IDEO), you can find all the details here:

How to use Saturn Launchpad Saturn Network

[launchpad] You can learn about the benefits of using Saturn Launchpad for your token sale via IDEO here: How to use Saturn Launchpad There are two steps to setting up your Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering (IDEO) on our upcoming launchpad service, that you will find on our exchange website Saturn Network when live. Step 1 - Follow our Saturn Protocol token self-listing guide to list your project’s token on the exchange. Note that to use our launchpad platform, you will need to fo…

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