TronWallet partners with Ethereum-based MegaCryptoPolis 3D to launch decentralized city builder game on TRON March 25

TronWallet is partnering with MegaCryptoPolis 3D (MCP3D), one of the most popular Dapp games running for 2 years on the Ethereum blockchain, as the game launches on TRON and will be available for optimal gaming experience directly in TronWallet’s built-in Dapp Browser from March 25. Every TronWallet user have the chance to receive an Exclusive Starter Kit to start their journey in the game.

MegaCryptoPolis 3D is a decentralized city builder strategy game running in as a decentralized application (Dapp) with every game asset being a unique token stored in a player’s wallet, which can be freely traded on the open market. Every action in the game is an actual transaction signed by the player and verified on the immutable blockchain.

MegaCryptoPolis, now expanding to TRON, allows players to construct and rent buildings, produce resources and materials that are required by other players, create new generations of citizens, offer services for a fee, rule a district, hunt tornadoes, drive cars and much more.

A major benefit between playing the MCP3D game on the TRON blockchain compared to the Ethereum chain will be that transactions of TRON are faster, cheaper and more sclabale than on Ethereum. For instance, TRON’s transactions takes 3 second instead of up to 30 min on Ethereum; TRON’s transactions are free while Ethereum’s gas fees are high; and the TRON network is highly scalable while Ethereum suffers from congestion and thousands of pending transactions on a daily basis.

This simply means that playing MegaCryptoPolis on TRON directly inside TronWallet’s Dapp Browser will be a more enjoyable, instant and profitable experience for the player.

“Faster and cheaper transactions on the TRON blockchain will invite new cohorts of players to join us in building a multi-verse decentralized conglomerate. That means more Materials required to construct new buildings, more value for Citizens with top qualifications and hence more Taxes gathered by Funds, not to mention faster transactions and a better adoption.” / MegaCryptoPolis 3D Team Head

MCP3D Starter Kit for TronWallet Users
To celebrate the MegaCryptoPolis 3D TronWallet launch, a time-limited promo campaign is held between March 20–24.

Every TronWallet user will have a chance to receive a Starter Kit containing valuable Materials required to construct Level 1 building and start producing tokens for the MCP3D TRON game economy.

Take part in the promo event by accomplishing these three easy steps:

  1. Sign up on the MegaCryptoPolis website:
  2. Complete at least 2 tasks (like a tweet, join telegram or invite a friend)
  3. Enter your TronWallet address to receive your reward

Resource Packs will be delivered directly to a user’s wallet no later than April 30, and that does not require signing a transaction from a user.

A player can also participate in the TRON Launch Bounty Campaign to receive a free land plot as reward. That said, there is an exclusive opportunity for TronWallet users to get started in the MCP3D TRON with a valuable and fully operational asset (a building that produces tokens for the real TRX economy) with just a little effort and no additional fees. Materials can then be traded on the market freely and directly.

After the MegaCryptoPolis 3D launch on the TRON Network on March 25, every TronWallet user will be able to claim a Gen K Citizen with all 1 Point qualifications that can be appointed in Production or Industrial buildings to start production of Resources, Materials or Appliances tokens, in Office buildings to collect Ether from in-game Funds, in Municipal one to receive Ether when a Natural Disaster happens.

It’s exciting to be able to present a 3D city builders game like MegaCryptoPolis on the TronWallet — where you can construct, rent or purchase a building on the market, appoint your Citizen and start producing and trading tokens for the decentralized city. Stay tuned for more details ahead of launch on March 25, and don’t forget to claim your TronWallet Starters Kit

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You know I got signed up for this game when it first started and it was more than I wanted to do. Plus there are some serious players playing with real money or currency. I was amazed how much ETH was being spent on virtual land. I can imagine some of the places should be booming and I wonder what happens when a place fails? I guess I should go and just take a look at what it looks like.

I am happy to see the developers have created something that continues to innovate and grow. Thanks for sharing.

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