Saturn Network Troubleshoot

If you experience any problems trading or need any help, please ask here & we will respond as soon as we can.

First: Try These Common Solutions:

  • MetaMask & Saturn Wallet interfere with each other, to use Saturn Wallet you need to disable MetaMask in your extension manager or vice versa.
  • If Saturn Wallet is not loading up your coin or token balance, try swapping between Ethereum & Ethereum Classic networks.
  • Some users have reported their adblock stops our dashboard’s from being displayed, if you continually see the loading symbol but nothing appears try turning off your adblock or try opening our exchange in a different browser.


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I can’t buy/trade anything, I want some SATURN. There is plenty of ETC and ETH in my SATURN wallet . There is also nothing in my airdrop area


It sounds like you may not have logged into your wallet or connected it to ETC?


Also remember you cannot have MetaMask & Saturn Wallet running at the same time, they will interfere with each other. Have you disabled MetaMask?



Hey Saturn Network Troubleshoot Team! Like everything new there are learning curves and this exchange is new to me. I have used several other exchanges and there are not two alike. My question or problem is I am trying to buy 15,000 SATURN and it shows in my order book it has a TXN and block number what am I doing wrong? I am not seeing SATURN yet and when I try to add the SATURN token to my wallet it doesn’t add it but I figure that is because I have a zero balance? I have the Saturn Wallet and I have ETH and ETC. I imported one account which is the address I have my STISH Tokens in and some ETH. The other account has some ETC and was created on the Saturn Wallet. I probably should make another request for the next question but I am going to go ahead and put it here. If I should have made a second request let me know and maybe we can add that to the instructions, just a suggestion to help others. Stish just created new Stish Wallets for everyone and I am not sure how to get that account into my new Saturn Wallet? My final question is when will the ETH part of the exchange open up? Thanks for your time and I am happy to be a part of the Saturn Network. #Stradog in Gun Barrel City, Texas


Hi @fhstralow welcome!

So when you are opening Saturn Classic orderbook do you see the following?


Then you click “Buy” the top one will be the best price and you will find yourself on the order details page where you can specify how much Saturn you would like to buy:

Note how the “My Balance” section loads up how much ETC I have in my wallet, if it is not loading up then you have either A) forgot to login to Saturn Wallet or B) Left MetaMask running which interferes with Saturn Wallet, you need to disable it from your extension manager.

Once you are happy with your order, click Buy Saturn, which will open up a notification in your wallet to sign your transaction. Once everything has confirmed you should find your Saturn in your wallet! Let me know how you get along :slight_smile:

Regarding the new Stish wallets, this is probably best to discuss in their topic: Stishit - Micro Crypto Economies you would just need to find out how to get the private key for these wallets.

And for our ETH release, we are getting very close but do not have an exact date yet sorry!


Here is what I got Saturn Network.pdf (66.5 KB)


So you have created a “Buy Order” for Saturn Classic, so that means you would like to buy Saturn Classic at the price of 0.00006 and up to 15,000 tokens. I can see you have cancelled it now though I think?

Your order would have appeared here:

On the right side, and if a trader wanted to they would be able to sell you their Saturn at that price, however as you can see the current price is 0.00007 that is probably not going to happen unless people start to dump quite a lot of tokens.

So if you are looking to buy immediately you have the sell orders on the left, the top one shows you the best current price. Or alternatively you could try making your own buy order again but more in line with the market price, then you will probably find some traders who will sell to you.

Good luck, let me know if that is not clear :slight_smile:


Yes, I cancelled the first order and tried it again and bought more for a higher price but it was good practice. I appreciate the help and I am figuring it out still. I just got to wait until I get more money to practice anymore.


Great to hear! Glad you were able to buy :slight_smile:


My latest BCT sell order does not appear in order book.


Looks like the 51% reorgs messed with our API a bit too much. Rest assured, your orders are all there and safe. Will prioritize fixing this issue ASAP


@kryptoviar everything should be fixed now <3 please enjoy trading BCT :rocket:


Trying to check the exchange and it is not loading. I have not had any problems before so I am thinking maybe maintenance right now?


Yes, our development team did make some back-end updates yesterday. Seems to be loading fine for me now, though I know it was loading very slowly a few hours ago. This has been reported for investigation, thanks!


i have problem - not sure what or how to fix… who can i talk to??

i have two sales i sent in, as verifiable on etherscan and my tokens are gone from meta mask & saturn (tried both independently, but on t6he exchange, it is only showing one of my orders. who can i speak with to get figured out. i really dont want to loose 1500 tokens- please


was resolved, funds are safu!


thats right, hey thanks again Neuron- this is fabulous platform so excited to watch it grow !!

the guys here really have a home run with this dex!


I could not claim airdrop.I tried so many times.I didn’t understand the reason. I have 0.12 ETC already.But screen shot shows Zero ETC.
Please suggest me. See my screen shot.


I’ve not heard of Trust Wallet displaying incorrect balances for ETC, so I think that wallet does not have any ETC in it which would be why you can’t claim your airdrop as you need a little ETC to pay for network fees.

Try checking your wallet address on a block explorer to confirm if it is empty or not:

Put your wallet address in the search bar at the top and check. Maybe you did not import the correct wallet into Trust?


@Highlander advised to raise the gas limit, this is sometimes a problem with Trust Wallet. Unfortunately occasionally Trust does not estimate the correct gas limit, we have reported the error to them quite a few times to be fixed. They have been able to make it better but sometimes it still happens. Thanks!