Trust wallet two Hodl program one of redeem not working

Hi inside trust wallet two Hodl one of redeem not working
I can see green button and click but no popup , no message not working any help?


Are they both on the same network? If one is on ETC, then you would need to switch to ETC network on Trust.

You should see the transaction id of your HODL purchase on the left, could you message this to me and I can investigate further. Feel free to send a private message (click my username then “Message”) if you don’t want to share all of your details on the forum. Thanks!

thanks for the response.both on eth network


Hey @taroaro could you try using a different DApp wallet, perhaps MetaMask or Saturn Wallet on desktop? You can import your wallet with your seed phrase from Trust. One of our devs havs investigated, and there shouldn’t be any reason why you can’t claim the second HODL purchase so I think maybe it is an issue with Trust.

Gas prices can also be a problem right now: as they are very high due to network usage. I would also recommend waiting for gas price to go down and then to try again.

@sam thanks a lot for your support will try different DApp.