Trustwallet mishap

Hello, a newbie here.
Earlier today I tried to get Saturn ETH DAO token via main page in my trustwallet…

It told me that I have some ETH in my wallet (but actualy I only have some BNB smart chain in my wallet). You can see in the screenshot that it claims that I have some eth.
So I proceed to send eth in exchange with STRN, but the process stucked at pending.
Now the order can’t be seen anywhere… and blocksout says can’t find the transaction.

Is the money gone? 🥲

I mean if you don’t have ETH you wouldn’t have been able to pay for the TX, set Trust Wallet to Ethereum or Ethereum Classic. Saturn Network isn’t deployed on BSC.

Yeah it was my mistake.
The order got through anyway, but the money is in Limbo I guess 🥲.

This is how it looks like after I proceed with the purchase. No trace of the transaction in the wallet though. But it’s fine, I have moved on.

If you click on the pending confirmation box, can it find the TX in a block explorer?

I manage to copy this while I was at the pending transaction page.
Now the transaction can’t be found anywhere in wallet.