Ullu coin . Decentralized crowdfunding platform

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our platform’s first tests are going to be on a public testnetwork so you can check the functionalities

you can now place your buy orders : https://www.saturn.network/exchange/ETH/order-book/ullu

Hey @ahmedktata glad you found us, welcome! Please be sure to make some test trades on ULLU market, we don’t guarantee token compatibility with the exchange protocol.

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if you have any idea to add to the project feel free to join our telegram :blush: :

buy order tested :blush:
you can now buy ullu coin rate : 0.00004

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everything works great . thank you

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Do you think that participants should get a refund if the crowdfunding fails or turned out to be a scam ? share your idea




Twitter account does not exist and SSL verification on official website key is inactive, take care of this to increase credibility.

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