Unable to accept ETH airdrop in trust wallet

Hello, When i go to airdrop on saturn exchange the ETC symbol appears in trust and it shows i have 6 airdrops buti have to change to ethereum network to accept them, when i do the airdrops disappear but will reappear when i am on ETC all i want is to accept the tokens given to me, any help appreciated.

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Hello @awwduncry sorry for the late reply. Yes, Trust gives you different wallet addresses on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic which is why you no longer see the airdrop when switching networks. I believe they use a different derivation path for each network when generating your addresses from seed phrase, this may be to give you better privacy I am not sure.

You still control the wallet address on both networks as ETH and ETC share addresses. If you have access to a desktop the easiest way is to install Saturn Wallet and import your wallet from Trust’s seed phrase, you will find on Saturn Wallet when you switch networks your wallet address stays the same. If you have the private key for your wallet address then you can import a new Trust wallet but set it up as a single currency address following this guide:

If you don’t have your PK, one of our community members @PseudoDeterminist shared this website on our chat recently:


It can help you figure out your private keys from seed phrase, just set the networks accordingly. However, I recommend running it in offline mode: https://github.com/iancoleman/bip39 - the project is open source but you never know and I do not recommend entering seed phrases into a website.

Good luck!

Hello, i have imported my seed phrase from my trust wallet to my desktop, linking my coins but the airdrops and previous trades are no where to be found, tried switching between ETH and ETC again, but it seems only the coins i have in my wallet currently show up.