Unable to Complete Buy Order

Token: NUL

Contract: 0xae3d8e752ad2dfa422cf2d30e231777ac2ebb6fd

Exchange page: https://www.saturn.network/exchange/ETH/order-book/0xae3d8e752ad2dfa422cf2d30e231777ac2ebb6fd#

Problem: Unable to fill a buy order by selling NUL for ETH.

Description of problem: I am attempting to complete the self-listing process. I was able to post sell and buy orders without issue.

I was able to fill a buy order by selling NUL for ETH.
I am not able to fill a sell order by selling ETH for NUL.

When I go to “exchange now”, no notification goes through my metamask wallet.

Thanks for any help.

Hey @nultoken thanks for reaching out. When you are trying to sell NUL, have you tried entering other amounts as in to not fill the full order? It may be that the deflationary burning mechanism in NUL token’s contract code are causing compatibility issues with Saturn Protocol.

For the most part we do support deflationary tokens, but it is very hard to provide support for every different type of implementation. For example off the top of my head tokens such as STA, KLOWN, KLOWN2, PYRO, RAIN, SHUF, BSOV, H3X, BIGBOMB, POW - have all traded fine.

I know some burning tokens also whitelist the DEX’s contract address to avoid these types of problems, does NUL have this feature?

Hi Sam. Thanks for the response.

Unfortunately I have attempted other amounts to fill the order without success. NUL doesn’t have the feature you described. Thanks for the help.

Hey @nultoken are you definitely using a second wallet when trying to make the trades? Sorry forgot to mention that you can’t trade with your own wallet address.

Hi Sam.

I’ve created a new contract and there are no problems.

The old contract was: 0xaE3D8E752Ad2DFa422cF2d30E231777ac2Ebb6fd

The new contract is: 0x1C96Da492F70564928c474bdF3676635B0590bC9

It seems there is still a market up for the old contract? How do I go about removing that? I don’t want people to get confused and make an incorrect trade.

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Hey glad to hear you have been able to sort out the token contract. I have added a message to the top of your old token contract’s order book to ensure there is no confusion, it should appear shortly. As the protocol enables automated self listing along with being designed to be censorship resistant there is no admin features to de-list or remove tokens.

I think once you have added Nul token’s project details and logo to your new order book it will be clear which one is the current token :+1: You can either fill in the form, or submit a pull request here: https://github.com/saturn-network/assets.