Unable to execute/cancel several orders for AMIS-ETC pair

Dear @sam,
Kindly advise how to proceed for the cancellation of orders which can’t be executed .
Txs id: https://blockscout.com/etc/mainnet/tx/0x2eeeffc237e1d24f8f8daf58d4761a589b9f9d2f60b62c4fc679887398fb0115
https://blockscout.com/etc/mainnet/tx/0xf54bcc0d8a06cbf4026e3b2b5c933411e50381437ea0690e547431c35f9830e6 (This one shows neg value)

Hey @AMIS_ERC20 have you tried this tool: https://saturn.tools/app/ordertools by @Wizward, it should be able to help you cancel the order. Let me know if not, thanks!

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Hi Sam,

I’m still stuck with these buy orders; even by applying your recommendations. I noticed that the orders in question have 4 decimals ; problem occurs after the 3rd decimal. Any help would be welcome. Thx