Understanding Saturn

A complete newbie here with Saturn, have researched it a little and would like to hear more from experienced Saturn users about airdrops - am I “too late” as they say? the airdrop for myself?

Just struggling to understand and would appreciate some help


No definitely not too late, the DEX and DeFi ecosystem is really on just getting started! If you were looking to learn more about benefits of trading tokens on Saturn Network compared to a centralized exchange here is a quick summary of our features:

In regards to free tokens you can receive via our Airdrop portal, no definitely not too late either. Our portal is connected is connected to our Airdrop Tool which allows any project to easily distribute tokens in a decentralized manner.

Yes, you will need to use a Dapp browser to claim any tokens you receive via our airdrop portal and will not be able to do it just using your ledger wallet. You can follow this tutorial for connecting your Ledger wallet to Saturn Wallet, or alternatively if you are already familiar with MetaMask you can use it.

We run promotions fairly regularly using our tool to Airdrop our own SATURN or STRN tokens, or other project’s tokens interested in running promotions on our platform. So you just have to be on the look out for when a promotion is announced on our blog . We always share announcements on this forum, or on our twitter account.

Then it is just a case of reading the terms of the promotion, seeing if you can qualify for an airdrop!

Let me know if you have any further queries.