Uniswap added to Atomic Orders

Uniswap added to Atomic Orders

Our Uniswap integration as a liquidity source for Atomic Orders is live! Extra trade mining reward will continue, an additional 5M SATURN has been allocated towards it.


You will now start to see new tokens added to our Atomic Orders feature, so which tokens will you like to see? Let us know and where possible we will make it happen!

Happy Trading!


Hi Sam, I’ve noticed that atomic order can be pending for a while even the price is at or worse than instant swap price (buy at higher or sell at lower than instant price). Have you seen the same?

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I’ve been having a similar problem: when I try to trade at the “instant swap price,” it doesn’t go through but ends up listed as an “atomic order” in My Orders. Is there any way to know if an instant swap will go through right away?

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Thanks for the feedback! Please keep it coming :slight_smile:

It is definitely possible for the Instant Swap Price to change while you are creating the order, and then it will end up in the My Orders section and will be triggered if the protocol can secure the price for you. If you are really in a rush buy/sell then you may have to cancel and re-create it. Otherwise if that is the price you wanted then just leave it be, no action required, and when the markets move your order will be executed automatically and your tokens and trade mining reward will end up in your wallet.

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Hi Sam!

I’m trying to trade NCOV on Atomic, but I’m encountering an error when I try to enter a value greater than 2,500,000 tokens, it says the order is too small …

Another thing, I placed some orders on Atomic, but they are not appearing on Saturn’s order book, is it normal?


Hi Sam,

This is what has happened to me several times, maybe 4 or 5, when trying to trade NCOV on Atomic: I try to trade at instant swap price, my tokens go through, and then it flashes “trading” for an indefinitely long period. In each case I have ended up cancelling my order and trying again, at which time the instant swap price is the exact same as it was the previous time I tried. So I don’t know if there is a particular issue with NCOV, but that’s what has been happening to me.

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For orders of really large size you have to understand how liquidity on the markets work. Buying $5000 of BTC doesn’t do anything to its price. Buying $5000 NCOV completely wipes out uniswap’s liquidity. The lower liquidity - the higher the slippage - meaning how much price changes with trade volume.

What you may do, however, is e.g.

  1. Create an atomic order to sell 1,000,000 NCOV at your desired price
  2. Chill

As soon as a subset of that can be traded at your desired price - it will happen. And then slowly but surely it will get sold off, over a longer time frame.

It’s actually too large :slight_smile: The words must be wrong but the idea remains - the order is of such size that we are unable to estimate a price for you. You should still be able to create an atomic order that will be executed partially, over time. You have to set the price manually though.


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