UniversalCoin ( Free and fair digital currency )

UniversalCoin Specification

  • Token Name: UniversalCoin
  • Symbol: UVC
  • Decimals: 5
  • Contract address: 0x76d0184CF511788032A74a1FB91146e63F43dd53
  • Total Supply: 40,000,000,000 UVC
  • Free distributions: 32,000,000,000 UVC
  • Discretionary fund: 5,600,000,000 UVC
  • Airdrops: 2,400,000,000 UVC
  • Token standard: ERC-223
  • Network: Ethereum Classic

What is UniversalCoin?
UniversalCoin (UVC) is a cryptocurrency token on the Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain. The project goal is to bring cryptocurrency to the world, distributing UniversalCoin as fairly and evenly as possible.

To make it short, Theoretically, this wealth creation effect presents a force against wealth inequality. The impact of the UniversalCoin project alone may be minor, however, we believe the learning that stems from it could be transformative. UniversalCoin is not a cryptocurrency technology project. It’s about using exciting open-source technology to bring people together in positive ways and challenge the financial status quo.

How can I join and claim my FREE UVC?
Follow 3 easy steps.
1st: Register here : https://discord.gg/99vmWG6
2nd: Register here : https://UniversalCoin.io
3rd: Link your Discord account your UniversalCoin account. Claim & Done!

Over 2,400,000,000 UVC AIRDROPS will be given away at a scheduled time . Don’t miss this opportunity, join the community and grab your FREE UVC !

There are no prerequisites to receive
UniversalCoin, any person with internet
access is able to participate in the
distribution. UniversalCoin will be distributed
by the methods described in this document,
and the distribution methods are executed by
publicly verifiable smart contract.

UniversalCoin UVC Roadmap! What piqued my interest is 0.8 ! They gonna list it on here on Saturn.Network

Godspeed for this successful project