Unlocking/redeeming Saturn ICO tokens


I couldn’t find the answer to this question.
I have Saturn tokens ready for redeeming, but i’m not sure if I can redeem and still be eligible for airdrops. If redeemable, can these tokens can be spent? I’m holding mine, just curious though. @Neuron @sam What’s the good word, fellas? Thank you.


For the airdrop formula we looked at the amount of tokens bought during the ICO or in the HODL dApp and from what wallet address, which we posted on the forum so you can check here: Genesis block for Saturn: HODL snapshot reached

Moving forward it doesn’t matter where you hold your Saturn tokens, you can redeem them & send them to a different wallet address entirely if you like. I know some people if they intend to hold their tokens or coins for a long time prefer to put it in cold storage or a ledger device, so you can do this without any issue.

Just remember that the wallet address you used to buy your Saturn tokens(the one we have saved in the snapshot data) is our way of verifying you did do this & are eligible for future airdrops, so even if you decide to empty it completely just ensure you don’t get rid of it. Or if you used multiple wallet addresses to buy into our ICO/HODL dApp then you will need to keep hold of all of them!

Hope that makes sense, let me know if not.


Perfect, Sam. Thank you! Hey, have you looked at or heard about the ETC Parity Signer app as an alternative to a ledger device?
If so, any opinion?


parity signer looks good, but if you do not understand what it is doing let others do the legwork of figuring things out and fixing the bugs.

If you’re a pro with computers and can solve your own issues - go ahead and try it.


А какой холодны кашелек поддерживает Сатурн?


Not sure what that means buddy :slight_smile: let’s try to stick to English here please?

For russian you can use: Русский (Russian) - Forum | Saturn Network