UNV Disappeared

I bought 8000 UNV. For some reason, it is not in my wallet anymore and there is a transaction pending to an address i dont own. The transaction is pending for more than 1 day already. Is that a Saturn network problem?
It is a Transaction between
going to
However, my wallet address is

Thanks for your help

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Hello @riesmi96 your UNV tokens are still in your wallet you can see them here:


The project details attached to UNV were removed from our database, which is why it is no longer displayed in Saturn Wallet, I believe they no longer use this token.

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Thank you for your response.

So, how can i sent them of the site?
Did i lose them now, for ever?

Hey @riesmi96 you should now be able to see your UNV tokens in your wallet now, sorry for any inconvenience.

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Thank you, However, they disappeared again today. Did you guys change something?

Don’t think so, try logging in and logging out, or changing networks then going back to Ethereum.