(Upcoming) Affiliate Smart Contracts


As announced in our recent blog post that goes over Saturn Ecosystem:

We are currently planning and developing a decentralized affiliate model for Saturn Protocol. The idea is to achieve further decentralization by having multiple mirrors / websites of the exchange. Yes, no one can stop Saturn Protocol’s smart contract - but if our website went down I doubt many of you know how to interact with the smart contract on its own.

With use of an affiliate smart contract, that would essentially allow you to launch an exchange ontop of Saturn Protocol, we can ensure this will never be a problem.

I wanted to start the discussion of this newly announced feature early on, as it is important that we develop a model that makes it attractive to launch your own exchange powered by Saturn Protocol.

Of course, an affiliate needs an incentive to launch such a service, we believe it should be as follows:

  • Affiliate smart contract allows you to set a custom trading fee which is paid directly to the affiliate’s wallet, this trading fee would be paid ontop Saturn Protocol’s fee (which always goes to Saturn DAO).
  • The affiliate could also have some sort of control over the trade mining that happens via his / her smart contract.

Also, we would need a name for this new feature, I know @Neuron has a nice one… but I am sure he wants to hear your ideas first.

All feedback is welcome, no idea is a bad one, so please speak up.