Updated development plan queries


We have now published an article on our blog to go over our progress and interim ICO results. As per our roadmap, we spent July reassessing our development plan on how we are going to move forward until the end of 2018.

To all our investors, welcome to Team Saturn and welcome to Saturn DAO! Thank you for your continued support, we are as always confident for the future and truly believe in what we are achieving together.

The future is bright!

If any of our decisions are unclear or you have any queries please let us know!


Great update, and I agree that extending the timeline to capture capital is probably a good idea to ensure the funding of the project. That being said, the time to implement a solid marketing strategy is now. I would like to propose a few key areas that we should focus on from a community involvement perspective:

-YouTube reviews
-Medium Posts
-Interview with Phoenixcrypto.io :wink:
-Web Development
-Additional trading sites (in addition to radex.ai)

This list goes on and this needs to be a group discussion. The DAO is live. Who’s employed?


yes sounds like a plan.

later on we could also reduce a bit, in sense of 1 ETH = 40.000 SATURN (didnt calculate it yet, just a random shout).

next bullrun we will see more money here. im sure.

not giving away SATURN


STN ticker was taken by somebody else. Feel free to give away all your STN, but hold on to your SATURN


fixed :smiley: