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As per our latest ICO update, our airdrop formula has been updated to support our new development plans of creating a decentralized loyalty program on Radex & distributing Saturn tokens via exchange mining. Notably, there is only ever going to be one snapshot of the ETH chain, and it will be continuously used for our airdrop formula.

ETH chain snapshot date: October 1st, 2018, 00:01 UTC.

  • ICO Investors: Our ICO participants will be airdropped the new token on a 1 to 1 basis. For example, for Ethereum Classic, you buy 1000 SATURN on ICO then you will receive 1000 SATURN Classic.

  • Strategic Investors: Our strategic investors are also eligible to be airdropped the new token on a 1 to 1 basis, as long as you participate before the ETH chain snapshot date. It also does not matter if your SATURN is locked up via our HODL dApp, you will still be airdropped.

You don’t need to do anything with your SATURN, and it doesn’t matter which wallet you are using or if you send it to a different wallet address prior to the airdrop. Just note we will only airdrop the wallet address you used to participate in the ICO or Strategic Investor Program, so don’t lose access to it & make sure you back it up.

Feel free to ask any queries about the updated formula and we will answer.


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Thanks for the update and further clarification Sam. I guess the only question I need to find the answer to now is - Where can I find some extra ETH, in this bear market, to buy as much SATURN as I can, before the snapshot?!!


Hello, Sam. I was not able to take part in the Saturn-ETC ICO, but I did take part in the Saturn-ETH ICO. My tokens are in lockup for 25 weeks.
If the only Saturn tokens I have are in lockup during the ETH snapshot, will that enable my wallet to get all the airdrops?
Lastly, If I buy Saturn with ETC from the exchange today or before the ETH snapshot, will I earn airdrops from that? Thank you so much for your time, Sam. -LasVegas


The airdrop formula only applies to buying SATURN via our ICO(now ended) or strategic investor program(entering before the snapshot date) on the ETH chain. We consider our main ICO to be on the ETH chain, what we sold on ETC was only 15% of Saturn Classic’s total token allocation so we refer to it as a launch sale.

As we are still before the snapshot date, whatever amount of SATURN you have bought via the HODL dApp, you will be airdropped the new token on a 1 to 1 basis. When we do the first airdrop in October which will be Saturn Classic, your tokens will still be locked up but this does not matter we will still airdrop your Saturn Classic to the wallet you used.

So at the moment the only way to increase your airdrop amount, is to continue buying SATURN via our HODL dApp before the snapshot date. That is what I would recommend doing, over buying from the exchange, because this will not only increase the amount of Saturn Classic you receive but also means you will receive more tokens for future airdrops.

And there is also the possibility that when we do airdrop everyone, there may be an initial “dump” onto Radex from our investors who are not as interested in ETC… this could cause the price to go down a bit, you might be able to swoop in? Of course… that is all speculation :slight_smile:


Beautifully said! I have no room for any more questions on that subject. You’re great, Sam. Thank you! -LasVegas


Remember snapshot is on October 1st!

Last chance to join us on our cross-chain journey, and receive airdrops on every chain Saturn Protocol adopts!


Snapshot for our airdrop formula has now been taken, you can find the information here:

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