Updated Trust wallet


Maybe I missed something, but I updated my Trust wallet on my Iphone and the network select option is gone. Also, I cannot see any ETC when viewing my wallet through Trust wallet. Can someone help me get my Trust wallet back to showing the ETC token and back onto the ETC network? Any link to info would be great. Thank you.


I personally can not because I don’t know enough about Trust, hopefully someone could help you from here but I would try their telegram also… https://t.me/trustwallet


I appreciate it, @CryptoOregon will do.


Sounds like you have just been updated to the version where they decided to put everything together as “Multi Wallets” ?

You need to import your wallet again but select Ethereum Classic when you do it, however, you may find importing by Seed Phrase does not work as Trust uses a different derivation than MetaMask or Saturn Wallet. Importing by private key should work, but it is not really ideal.


Yes, Sam. I’m ssooooo not happy with the Trust update. I wish I could go back to the other version, it was much easier. The other version was like a dream compared to this one. :cry: i’ll try the priv key importing. Trust telegram suggested the same thing. Thank you very much, @Sam.


Oh, I forgot to mention that your suggestion worked. Trust Wallet Telegram suggested the same fix. Thanks @Sam and @CryptoOregon for the help.