Urgent Help! Stolen Coins / Tokens from my Wallet sold on Saturn Exchange yesterday!

Hello to all, can someone give me info where can contact support for accounts / or managment. I have so much details, pictures, info about one user which hacked wallet and sell all Coins / Tokens with better Amount back to Exchanger and Rest from Wallet transfered to his wallet. I make pictures and you see all Hashes who make this hacker / scammer in 19minutes… This not normal… For few days spend amoney to buy crypto and this user sell all back for nothing. The Coins with big amount he sold to IDEX Exchange… I think i’m not alone who happened this if see his wallet…Much Money in ETH and Coins arrive Wallet but no payment out. today in evening around 4h later from his coup at my wallet he sell all crypto…I want inform other to be secure and maybe from Saturn can understand and help me…Thx

I’m sorry for you, but I have 2 question for You:
hacked how?
with software, bot, something like that, or He trick you on reveal your private key?

Second question?
Which wallet?
Mew, atomic, Exodus, hard wallet…

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Hey @Neo110980 sorry to hear you have been hacked and lost your funds. Saturn Network is a decentralized exchange for peer to peer trading, the order book runs entirely on chain and you do not have to create an account. All you need to start trading is your Dapp browser (MetaMask, Saturn Wallet, Trust etc…)

So there is no way to freeze any assets or stop a user from trading on the platform, trading happens in one transaction wallet to wallet. There is no deposits or withdrawals process either.

All I can suggest is you look back through what websites, wallets or tools you used to make sure this does not happen again. Did you enter your private key or seed phrase somewhere online, you should never do this? I also suggest you reformat pc and install your OS fresh, in case you have a keylogger virus.

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