USVeteranToken-USVT First Veterans ERC223 Token on ETC



USVeteranToken (USVT) is a faster token implementation on a real decentralized immutable blockchain (Ethereum Classic) with usable smart contracts, and is also the first exclusive token on the blockchain for Veterans running on the Ethereum Classic Blockchain.

It is designed to be used as a decentralized ‘Ethereum Classic-like’ token within the Ethereum Classic ecosystem and beyond. It avoids problems related to centralization as seen on Ethereum and security because it is powered by the Ethereum Classic Network and by globally distributed anonymous miners.

Since it follows a standard protocol (ERC223), it is stored in a traditional Ethereum Classic wallet such as Classic Ether Wallet or the Saturn Wallet. Since every USVT token has been mined in a completely decentralized manner, there is no central body or central organization which controls or enforces any aspect of USVT.



Happy to see a new token and project starting on ETC :slight_smile: good luck! Here is a guide you can follow to list UMC on our exchange:

By the way currently your website appears to be down?


@cadetkelly Being a USAF veteran I am excited about such a token but I am disappointed that the link to the website does not work and the link to the whitepaper doesn’t work either. Maybe the site is still being built or something? Please let us know what is going on or something. @sam, @Neuron for your info.


I had a problem with their site as well and saw your note after I tagged you in my comment to @cadetkelly.


I recently purchased the domain and it is still under construction.
Will furnish you the Intel once I get it up and running.


Surprised at the immense support that USVT is getting.
Lots of these guys are 100% SC.


It has been 6 days now and I just checked on the website and the whitepaper and I still get nothing. Please let us know when you have the site up and running and a published white paper. I am sure if you talk with the Saturn.Network dev Team they will help you if they can. They want, heck we all want all the tokens/coins to be successful and legit. I will check back with you in a week or so. I am tagging @sam @Neuron you two and @Pheme (bot) because I know you all are part of the dev Team. Pheme is a bot correct?


Nice to read from you again. Your enthusiasm about USVT is highly noted and appreciated.
It is to this that we are taking our time on this project.
As you may have noticed, no date for an ICO has been announced yet.
You will be given heads up as events unfold.


Okay we will continue follow-up with and we are going to wait for events to unfold.