UVC Claim Window 19 Announcement 🎉

:moneybag::moneybag: Window 19 - 741.4m UVC :moneybag::moneybag: will be shared equally amongst the participants.

Each window will be 72hrs starting on a Friday and ending on a Monday.

Remember - for your claim to be valid you must:
:one: Be registered and verified on our website: https://universalcoin.io/
:two: Be a member of our Discord server with your mobile phone number verified: https://discord.gg/EPDDygJ
:three: Add your Discord username including the # and 4 digit number (i.e. in the format username#1234) to your UniversalCoin profile: https://universalcoin.io/editprofile
:four: When claiming, you will just be asked for your Discord username in the exact same format as stored on our website and our Discord server.
:five: Only claim once! One claim for one person! Don’t claim on someone else’s behalf!

:stopwatch: Claim Window 19 will be open for 72 hours commencing at 12noon UTC on 8 May 2020 and ending at 12noon UTC on 11 May 2020.

:bangbang:Important and worth saying again!! Only claim once. Do not claim multiple times or you will receive 0 UVC!

As usual - submitted claims will be posted via our twitter bot @BotUvc (https://twitter.com/BotUvc) for you to double check you claim has been received.

To claim:
:arrow_right::arrow_right: https://universalcoin.io/claim :arrow_left::arrow_left:

:white_check_mark: UVC distribution paid within 72 hours of the close of the window. :white_check_mark:

I’d like everyone to know that tolgn threw a temper tantrum on our Discord server because we wouldn’t let him advertise something we didn’t fully support. Now he’s trying to spread that tantrum across forums, such as what you see here. He even had to stretch and say how we’re going to sell data, though he gladly participated in our claims process until we had to ban him from our server. Hopefully, anyone with an ounce of intelligence will see that these are the rants of someone who can’t stand to not get what he wants.

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Do you have any evidence showing how I’ve lied? Or any evidence supporting your attack in the first place for that matter.

Yes - please do share.

You cannot post huge redacted screenshots and say shots fired. No context - no date stamp. No otherside to it…

I’m still waiting on this proof that we are a scam.

You are asking people to send you $100 and will give them $500 back. I’ve got no proof that is a scam but it really sounds like it.

So the proof that we are scam is:

“The proof is me !”

Just to be crystal clear?

Still waiting for that evidence that we’re a scam project ¯_(ツ)_/¯

FYI to anyone who is curious about the data we require:

  1. Email address (should be obvious why we need this)
  2. ETC address (how else will we send you funds?)
  3. Discord ID so we know that you’re a member of our Discord server

We (the UVC admin team) are happy to answer any questions anyone might have about our process.

Why did you claim every week if you were concerned with privacy?

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You’re hysterical. Do you even read the things you type? We’re now onto physical threats over the internet? How do you expect to be taken seriously?

I’m sorry. I’m making the mistake of continuing this conversation. I’ll stop now.