UXT-Unity classic token- token that brings good luck!



.Name: Unity classic token

Symbol: UXT

.Standard: ER223

. The total scope of supply:

. Decimals: 0

. Home Page: under development

. Contract: 0x1ce1b789E291FFA8812D03fa7E67e538f91f132d

. telegram: https://t.me/uxtclub

UXT Unity classic token is a token of the unity of the soul and the mind of man, the pure bright energy of good luck and the attraction of all the good in your life.

  • UXT was created to attract good luck

  • having a UXT token you are in contact with the energy of luck

Our world is physical, and UXT opens the door to metaphysical reality. There, where the Soul of man is pure energy, which came to this world to gain experience in subsequent incarnations. The energy of the soul and the energy of thought working in unison is Unity.

How UXT works:

  • You need $ 10.000 - You buy 10.000 UXT and this amount is recorded in your space of options (where there is that lifeline, where you get $ 10.000).

  • Do you have an important event scheduled for 10.12 of any year (for example, where 10 is the day and 12 is the month)? To attract good luck on this day, you should buy 1.012 tokens corresponding to this date. Why does it work? Because money is energy, and UXT is a lighthouse, whose light attracts it.

  • Techniques to attract good luck, harmony and success in your life with the help of our coins, we will spread in our group Telegram.

The energy should move, and for this reason 10% of the sale of tokens We will send to help the development of other interesting crypto projects, which will be chosen by voting among buyers of tokens. The percentage of assistance can be changed.

Purposes of using funds raised from the sale of UXT:

  1. This is the study of the physical and metaphysical world.

-Study of the true history of our world (truth that is far from what we are presented with)

  • Study of the real location and number of continents, as well as the shape of the planet Earth.

-The study of anomalous and unexplained phenomena on our planet and places that are not allowed to visit ordinary people.

-Help in finding the destination of a person and the development of his energy.

  1. Help the introduction of new technologies in our lives.
  • Helping scientists and inventors whose inventions are of greate importance to humanity (but may never be born due to government intervention).
  1. Helping people engaged in art: singers, musicians, artists, poets and all the other pure talents of this world. Having received talent from the creator - we simply have no right not to use it, because why else do we come here.

I can not predict the Future, and this is a thankless task. The future is changeable, and based on the fact that our world is a Big Game (The Matrix), and the UXT is a kind of mutual aid fund for each other, then each token holder, by voting, will build our common Pure Bright Reality. Our world works as a mirror: what we send to it is what we get.

  1. With the help of UXT, we create a new world inside the old one, where everyone will do what he came to this reality for. We will make reality brighter for those who come after us. Now they are just tokens that bring good luck, and in the future they are the keys of the New World.

The results of our search for truth will be available to everyone. We welcome any help and are open to everyone. Tokens are charged with energy and ready for sale


Nice =) Great to see a new ETC token, good luck! You can follow these steps to list your token on our exchange and upload your logo to our Github:


I make my own luck!


We all live in the same world, but each has its own world. One person looks at the world from the window of a luxury car, and the other from the trash. One on holiday having fun, and the other is concerned about their problems. One sees the cheerful company of youth, and another impudent gang of hooligans. Everyone looks at the same thing, but the resulting pictures are very different, like a color movie from black and white. Everyone is set up in their sector in a space of options, so everyone exists in their own world. All these worlds are superimposed on each other in layers and form what we understand by the World in which we live.