UXT-Unity classic token- token that brings good luck!



Symbol: UXT

.Standard: ER223

. The total scope of supply:

. Decimals: 0

. Home Page: https://unity-corp.com/uxt-unity-classic-token

. Contract: 0x1ce1b789E291FFA8812D03fa7E67e538f91f132d

. twitter: https://twitter.com/Unitytokens .medium:Click here

. telegram: https://t.me/unity_club . telegram chat: https://t.me/Unity_tokens

. Fund UXT: Click here

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. The Philosophy Of Unity Click here

We invite you to become a member of the Unity team by purchasing UXT and UXET tokens, which will give you the opportunity to participate in the development of our project, share your creative achievements and at the same time earn with us.

We give the opportunity to make yourselves better, to develop awareness, to become successful in this life, to surround yourselves with similar people, to find your purpose, to make ourselves and the world around us better. 

You will change your attitude to different situations happening to you. You will be able to generate a huge number of ideas and will be able to choose the most effective solution. There are no analogues of our product on the market. 

UXT - the benefits of owning a token of good luck UXT:

  • You become a part of our team, contribute to the development of Unity Fund and can take part in voting on the distribution of the Fund’s funds.

  • Get access to our Knowledge Bases, the level of access depends on the number of tokens purchased by you.

  • All transactions of the Fund will be in the public domain, each investor can track all movements of the Fund.

  • 10% of the Fund’s profit will be allocated for the implementation of assistance to other promising crypto projects by purchasing their tokens. The purchased tokens will lie on the wallet in reserve until the members of the Fund decide to sell them by voting.

  • If you are a person of any creative profession - you get the opportunity to publish Your works with the help of our resources, the number of tokens on your balance does not affect the priority of placement, the main thing is their availability.

  • Each person has a genius, develop your abilities with the help of our trainings and as soon as you get a great idea - we will make every effort to Finance it.

  • We believe that by combining the minds and energies of many people we can create something really great.

Depending on the resource load in the future, we may have to increase the cost of entering our project.

And remember the most important thing - our tokens bring good luck.


Nice =) Great to see a new ETC token, good luck! You can follow these steps to list your token on our exchange and upload your logo to our Github:


I make my own luck!


We all live in the same world, but each has its own world. One person looks at the world from the window of a luxury car, and the other from the trash. One on holiday having fun, and the other is concerned about their problems. One sees the cheerful company of youth, and another impudent gang of hooligans. Everyone looks at the same thing, but the resulting pictures are very different, like a color movie from black and white. Everyone is set up in their sector in a space of options, so everyone exists in their own world. All these worlds are superimposed on each other in layers and form what we understand by the World in which we live.


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Keep it will bring you good luck. We will try to launch our blog with the description of our project within a week. It will be a lot of interesting ideas useful lessons on awareness and self-development perhaps something will be interesting to you





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