Vote for new tokens! Batch 1 | Winner: ZRX

Every week we will conduct a vote on this forum for which new tokens we should list on Radex. The first week’s choice is from a list of tokens compiled by our team. For week two and after we rely on our community to suggest new tokens to be listed. Suggest new tokens in this thread - the most actively supported ones will make their way into the vote!

Without further ado, here’s the list of tokens that participate in the first week’s vote!

  • EOS: blockchain 3.0
  • PPT: invoice discounting
  • OMG: mobile wallet for businesses
  • ZRX: 0xProtocol, decentralized exchange with fees in native token
  • SALT: cryptocurrency lending
  • KNC: decentralized exchange that will probably launch soon

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ZRX baby! :pray: :ok_hand:

Honestly, I’d be very grateful if it’s listed.


As the founder of SteemThat I would like to see Steemish traded here. We have a small community growing around our token and this exchange is clean and has a community feel that I think our members would appreciate.

We are complete noobs with good intentions and do not compare in size to any of the others. One exchange is really all we would ever need and a decentralized approach that is easy to use like Radex would help many of our new to Ethereum members. Most are coming from learning about Crypto from Steemit.

We have the symbol Stish. No Pre Mining or crazy distributions. Here is our EtherScan:

We have a reddit, twitter, facebook, discord, telegram, etc. I have really been focused and rarely visit any as we have a full social portal where members can message me in public or private. Plus we are on Steemit also regularly. We ran a promotion Bid bot with almost zero complaints for 6 months. We have used our own internal point system with zero complaints for 6 months.

We are not a concept ICO but a working Equitable Proof Of Stake model that allows members to tokenize their points. We are putting 50% of all earnings essentially in escrow in case of a disastrous event such as legal issues arise that make us unable to operate as we a based in the USA. Not opposed to moving if necessary in the future. We have a basic simple white paper and are really in a pre ICO launch phase.

Tokens Not Sold During A Token Participation Event Will Be Added To The Rewards Pool For EPOS distribution hopefully allowing for community members to own the lions share of the token.

Your consideration is appreciated. Thank you. Founder Eric Binkley