Vote To Decide Saturn DAO Logo "Creators Contest" Winner!


anyway to PM?


yeah click on nickname/profile pic, then click message


Ohoo savaş çıkmış burada :grin:


Ohoo savaş çıkmış burada :grin:



i am act self here inside with a example and idea to the Logo Contest,… and want say the follow to the Situation,…

  1. It is funny that my Logo Example from anyone named as:
    SATURN DAO Becomes Cleaning Product
    This kind of own naming from Organisations Side is absolute not Proffessionell from this side to all Logos,…

  2. But lastly we must accept that a Picture says more then Thousend words ,…

  3. Of course, every participant should also abide by the rules as well as the organizer and all participants in the environment, …

  4. But finally I think that the logo must also have a clear recognition value, …

  5. But the most important thing is and will be the fact that the future of the participants will be shown to the outside and not the presence of the quarrels in the swamp from the beginning … I am glad to be able to take part in SATURN - yours George from Austria


Only with fairness can a good thing exist, … Greetings and Merry Christmas to all Partners and the Team and Admin, … Monika from Austria - West


Sorry brother, was not intended to be an insult just wanted a little fun while I was setting up the vote so decided to give them titles but I get your point it can be seen as ill taste. Unfortunately, we cannot change anything in the vote now that is has started the forum does not allow any edits, very sorry. Merry Christmas!


I´ve not noticed until now, no idea why the logos were named but it´s funny in any case and i don´t think that detergents will affect the voting :)) :heart::heart:


Hello Sam - No problem at all - as i wrote lastly - the Picture say mor the thousned words (and the Sound make the Music for it - ) Merry and Lovely Christmas


You are rigth and schould some time also a little bit funny -
There is a German comedian with the following saying:
In the past everything was better, … EVEN THE FUTURE

And by the way I do not think it’s alright to play at
Christmas time in the retirement home “Last Christmas”.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL with a little sarcasm, where a part is the salt of life

George from Austria


Correction - The picture is worth a thousand words - and the text adds the music - :slight_smile:


Nice contest! Good luck :slight_smile:



If this was ETC green, I would’ve voted for this one. Nice one.


if you whant to se it in green you can go to my gallery “Johns saturn DAO Logo gallery” here on the forum.

the color scheme can always be altered and i think the saturn team will make there logo of choice in a variety of colores


keep up the good work… we shouldn’t be tied to etc anyways … it’s not an etc dao but a Saturn DAO !! :laughing:


Funny you say that… the current DAO Competition top design looks like an ETC DAO, sounds like an ETC DAO and names as ‘ETC DAO’ … good luck to your entry…


I agree with you but I think they all are mediocre. No offense anyone. Looks like the rules suggest that the logo should have all ETC/Saturn projects relative in the icon. All other logo entries don’t acknowledge ETC so the ETC DAO looking logo with the planet Saturn behind it in first place is the best for at least acknowledging ETC and Saturn, right? The idea is decent.but I think we should keep to the plan, finish this contest, and have another one with more giveaways. Maybe we should have a contest every month.?? I would like a chance to enter a logo design contest. I showed up late.
Thanks Saturn.Network. I like the platform.


Voting & contest is now over! Thank you again to all the participants.

Will be making an announcement post regarding winners :slight_smile:


Winners have been announced! Please be sure to message me your wallets to receive your prize.

Thanks again to everyone!